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I charge 3 cents per square inch for Edge to Edge designs. Semi-custom quilting would be 3.5 cents  
Edge to Edge example: A quilt top 60 x 80 inches is 4,800 x .03 = $144
Semi-custom example: A quilt top 60 x 80 inches is 4,800 x.035 = $168

My Minimum charge is $50.  That means a small quilt or table runner's square inch price will be rounded up to $50.


I stock Quilters Dream Batting;

     80/20 cotton/poly blend @33 cents  per linear inch

     100% Cotton @40 cents per linear inch

     100% Poly @26 cents per linear inch.

I will order other fiber varieties of Quilters Dream batting like Dream Orient or there Green option (made with recycled plastic) for you if given enough lead time.  Please inquire about pricing.

Batting is a separate charge and is NOT included in the square inch price


I stock So Fine (#50) and Glide (#40 & 50) threads.  I chon't charge any extra for thread use, it's included in the square inch price.

My personal style is attempt to match or blend thread color with lighter areas of your quilt.  But this is YOUR quilt!  Let me know if you have a preference on thread color for the front and back of your quilt.


I'm not a professional photographer, but I do my best to take "nice" pictures with my "Good" camera.  When quilting is competed, I will take photos of your quilt and then text/email you those images to use however you would like.  I'd just ask that you credit me for the photo and/or quilting if posting publicly.  This extra service is included in your square inch price

Quilt Prep

Quilt prep is such an important step before your top can be quilted.  For an additional charge of $25, I will trim your threads and frayed fabric toto  ensure that dark threads will not shadow through your quilt top. I will also press your top and backing so that it lies as flat as possible.  

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